Learn to Folk Dance

Posted on 19th October, 2023

Do your bit for the NHS!
Dance your way to mental dexterity and physical fitness!
Instruction (and some dancing) from beginner to festival level, with one of the UK’s most experienced folk dancers.
Ideal for complete beginners and for those with limited
experience of folk dance.
If you don’t know a Bourrée from a Schottische, a Grand Square from a Grand Galaxy, a Mazurka from a Morris Hey, a Dolphin Reel from a Grimstock Hey, or even a Daisy Chain from a Teacup Chain – then I can teach you.
Learn the basics of Ceilidh Dance, Contra Dance, Irish Set
Dance, French Dance and American Square Dance – and with the option of learning many of the more complicated moves.
You can choose what you wish to learn, and at your own pace. Go to www.seered.co.uk/danceteach.htm

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